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The following personnel are hired that the company will provide good development space, rich reward. Welcome breadth of vision of person to create business. 



Recruit excellence sales
ZD mould company needs development the domestic markets that recruit five excellence sales:
Requirements: good appearance, good health, good moral character, also the very good interest on sales, can often be on a business trip.
Have engaged in experience for sales, strong enterprising spirit, have a strong self-confidence, can good language expression and communication.
Force, If you have strong desire to achieve the elite, please contact with me. The treatment can be chatted each other.
Recruit technology apprentice for mould:
Requirements: No afraid of tired and bitter, really want to learn skills, have a stable job in the future.
ZD mould company needs develop the foreign markets, so recruit five excellence foreign sales:
1, Foreign trade or major in English, need have a strong foreign language foundation, CET-6, must have the ability of spoken, written, read, listened, can able to communicate with foreign customer very well.
2, Gender: below 35 years old, female is first.
3, Familiar with international trade rules, have certain experience in foreign trade operations.
4, Have the team cooperation spirit.
5, Mainly engaged in the mail in English, management English data, participate in negotiations with foreign customer.
6, Have good ability to communication and deal with the problem.
7, Experience first.
Once you are employed, the company will provide good development space, rich rewards. Welcome insight people to create business. 
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