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ADD: Luoqiao Industrial Park, Daye City, Hubei Province,China.
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   Daye City ZD Mould Co., Ltd is lies on the birthplace of the world bronze culture that is knows as “Golden Hundred Miles, South of Yangtze River”, Cornucopia mining town—Daye City, Hubei Province. It is the famous manufacturing of extrusion tooling in China which is professional on product and sale many kinds of plastics extrusion mould,Such as plastic profile extrusion mould, WPC extrusion mould, Wallboard extrusion mould, Aluminum (steel)+ plastic extrusion mould, Pipe extrusion mould , Aluminum alloy mould and other plastic profile extrusion mould.
   Our business purpose is “Honest and Trustworthy, Pioneering Spirit and Excellent”, ZD mould company can catch up with the good opportunity of reform and opening-up that own concept of scientific mould design, reasonable advanced production processing, And introduce a series of advanced processing equipment of mould, strict and efficient management to make a larger competitive in the market. So ZD company’s moulds are planned an important role in the extrusion mould industry. Of course, Our Company draws up the consolidation of the domestic market that expands the strategy of the international market. Now our products have footprint at home and aboard, some products have been exported to Southeast Asia, South Korea, Kyrgyzstan and other neighboring countries and the developed countries such as Europe and America, There are trusted by the customers.
    ZD Mould Company provides high-quality products for customers at the same time that also provide all kinds of professional and technical services for many plastics profile manufacturers for free many years. ZD Mould Company provides the formula of extrusion product, development, design, raw material, extrusion equipment procurement and technical training of staff and other all-round in one service for customers to create the huge value at the same time, also won consistent praise!
   Look ahead with confidence. ZD mould company’s staff are determined to thousands of times the enthusiasm, hundreds of times the confidence, tens of times the effort to dedicated to the most of quality of mould for you!