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ADD: Luoqiao Industrial Park, Daye City, Hubei Province,China.
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    The logo of ZD Mould Company is a bigger “ZHONG” word, representing made in China. The middle of a “Z” word, the right of a “D” word, together are the simply name for ZD mould company. “Z” word means the professional technical strength that is committed to promoting the development in mould industry. “D” word representatives originated in the extrusion mould technology and people-oriented company invented by ZD Mould Company who is by virtue of this culture. ZD Mould Company always persevere the Germany rigorous attitude and quality.
First quality, Supreme customer
    ZD mould company focus on creating first-class design team, activity introduce advanced equipment and technology from abroad, Re- development, innovation, strict quality, produce international standard products, in order to promote the progress of industry. At the same time, ZD mould company listen to customer’s minds, with perfect after-sales services, uphold first service spirit for customer, to seek and maintain long-term partnership for the ultimate goal.
Walk together to create tomorrow
    It is the most precious resource of enterprise to own high-quality staff, ZD mould company create a safe and comfortable working environment for staff, enhance communication and trust, encourage teamwork, provide free space to develop their potentials, foster vibrant, pursuing change and challenge to fight and have no fear of the team, and prosperous together with company, advance and retreat to create a more brilliant future.
    ZD Mould Company has always adhered to its own business philosophy, in the management, design, production to after-sales service that has a set of complete guidelines. We expect all of staff of ZD mould company that can have a serious and responsible, active cooperation, together to create international mould brand.
Business Philosophy: Integrity for the enterprises to establish the image quality, to create value for customers.
Management Principle: High speed, and the institutionalization of human combination
Design Concept: Keeping pace with the times, innovation, progress every day.
Quality Policy: Strict, meticulous, zero defect.
Service Purpose: Service, dedicated, supreme for customers.